Customer Marketing & Analytics

WHAT WE DO in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: INTEGRATE CRM Database and Software: We integrate all of your silos of data into one single database including data from eCommerce, point of sale, email sign up, and product registration Tell Me More » Step 2: ANALYZE Customer Analytics: Using your data, our software will analyze your customers and prospects to deliver insight such as customer lifetime value, average order value, and RFM score Tell Me More » Step 3: EXECUTE Strategy and Execution: We help you easily build and execute marketing campaigns to your customers and prospects through digital and direct marketing channels such as email, social, text and direct mail. Tell Me More » “AscentCRM has made it possible for SmartWool to get a complete view of our customer, no matter what the touchpoint.” – Sarah Seifert, SmartWool Companies using AscentCRM Third Party Integrations POS Where are your purchases coming from? We integrate with a multitude of POS systems to help you understand which locations are bringing in the most value and which command the most loyalty, and use this information to further your marketing efforts. eCommerce Review purchase history, items purchased, transaction date, and life time customer value to build personalized and targeted campaigns based on what your customers buy on your website. Marketing Unify current and historical marketing data from a myriad of areas, including social sites, email providers and online surveys to get a full view of your customers and their engagement history. Lodging & Events Bring together your event, lodging or other reservation data to customize your message to any guest, based on arrival date, length of stay and other factors. PROVEN RESULTS. Our clients utilize our solution in many different ways. Here are a few examples: BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION To target those most interested in receiving their emails, Ragnar utilizes customer behavior segmentation to divide their database based on factors such as geography and race history. Using a segmentation strategy such as this, they are able to send highly targeted and relevant emails increasing overall engagement rates and ROI. CUSTOMER ANALYTICS With a desire to have a deeper understanding of their customer, the Thule analytics project uncovered metrics that reveal Thule consumer insights such as behavior, preferences and purchase patterns. Based upon this data, AscentCRM was able to provide actionable marketing strategies with the best media and message for their existing customers and future prospects. PRE-ARRIVAL EMAIL To better prepare their visitors for their stay, Sun Valley implemented a pre-arrival email sent to guests before their arrival at the lodge. With useful information included such as events, featured restaurants and the weather forecast during their stay, customers come prepared and ready to fully utilize and enjoy all of the resorts amenities. ABANDON CART EMAIL Reaching a customer who has strayed from their cart at the moment they are looking to purchase is crucial in saving a company from lost sales. By implementing an often intimidating abandoned cart campaign, AscentCRM was able to regain sales and increase conversion for Smartwool through continued testing of subject lines, incentives and send times. View all case studies » LET’S TALK. Let us show you what AscentCRM can do for your business Email Address: * Prefer the phone? Call us at (800) 581-4017